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Flooding Damages Interrupt Media Services

Posted on: March 20th, 2019 by Robert Ingraham

Spring has sprung. With the warmer temperatures and melting snow, we have experienced localized flooding in many Sheboygan neighborhoods. On Friday, March 15 flooding along the Sheboygan river in the area near the intersection of Taylor Drive and Indiana Avenue damaged Spectrum equipment used to deliver community media stations to local residents. The Interruptions affected the lines used to send the local Public, Education, and Government (PEG) channels from the studio on the UWGB-Sheboygan campus to Spectrum and the subscriber lines that provide Internet access to the studio.

“Our operations were severely curtailed during the outage,” said Scott Mealiff, WSCS Director. “We could still record shows but we weren’t able to broadcast or stream.” Crews were alerted to the problem and worked diligently for several days to find solutions, despite some of the affected equipment being swamped by flood water.

As of Wednesday morning, the school district (993), University (994), and city (990) channels have been restored to cable customers as well as live streaming of WSCS on the web and OTT devices. Thank you to all who worked to get our community media back online.

Sheboygan’s Longest Running Show Has a New Host

Posted on: November 20th, 2018 by Robert Ingraham

Legislative Update has been part of Sheboygan’s community media programming for decades.  After more than 20 years as the host of the public affairs series, Jim Baumgart made the decision to turn the hosting duties over to Nanette Bulebosh.


(L-R) Nanette Bulebosh, Jenni Estrada, Chris Rahlf, and Liz Sumner in the WSCS studio to produce “Legislative Update”

Monday, November 18, 2018 Bulebosh recorded her first episode as the solo host.  She did co-host several episodes last season easing the transition for viewers, guests, and hosts.  Bulebosh is excited about the new role and the possibilities that it brings.  While the show will remain focused on public affairs, some changes are in store to bring a fresh look and feel.  She had this to say about Monday’s production,


Local television can be provocative, inspiring and illuminating when you are lucky enough to have outstanding guests.

Just listen to Chris – a Navy vet who makes her living as a strategic thinker, Jenni – an advocate for farm laborers, and Liz – who owns her own business – as they discuss what they learned on the campaign trail, and what they think about the future of progressive politics in Wisconsin. Listen to them discuss what conservatives get wrong about Democrats, and what it’s like to run for office with young children in tow.

This program is a work in progress, and so, alas, is my hair (Note to Nanette: Do something about that, okay?) but I’m proud of what we did today.

I’m grateful to these three impressive women, first for running, and second for sharing what it taught them.

FCC Action Threatens Existence of Community Access Channels

Posted on: November 12th, 2018 by Robert Ingraham

FCC action threatens the existence of community access channels

Community Access Television is under an unprecedented attack from the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC, chaired by Ajit Pai, is considering ways to whittle away the public interest obligations cable companies have under federal law by charging cities for anything that does not earn the companies revenue.

City expenses will go up, cable company expenses will go down, and cable subscribers will pay the same price for cable but without the Public, Education, and Government (PEG) access channels that air locally-produced programs. Community access channels will disappear because many cities will no longer be able to afford to equip, staff, and pay for them.

Reposed from Wisconsin Community Media,

WSCS Receives 8 Awards

Posted on: April 6th, 2018 by Robert Ingraham

Eight WSCS Programs Recoginized in 2018 Best of the Midwest Media Fest

Wisconsin Community Media has announced the 2018 Best of the
Midwest Media Fest award winners. Award-winning producers and their shows will be honored at the Best of the Midwest Media Fest Banquet and Show at the Best Western Premier Waterfront Hotel & Convention Center on Thursday evening, May 10 as part of Wisconsin Community Media’s two-day conference.

Shows that win are recognized with one of three awards. From the top they are
Excellence, Achievement, and Merit.  Eight different programs produced by Sheboygan area residents and WSCS will receive awards in May.  The list of Sheboygan winners includes:


Community Producer


Create A Life You Love “Pet Food” Toni Greene  Excellence
Ignite Sheboygan Ignite Sheboygan  Achievement
100 Thousand Poets for Change Lisa Vihos  Merit
25th Annual Sheboygan Jaycees’ Holiday Parade Sheboygan Jaycees  Achievement
Million Person Unity March Nanette Bulebosh  Merit
Quality of Life “Robotic Surgery” Dave Augustin  Merit
Ignite the Spark “ADHD” Char Pachniak  Merit
32nd Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival featuring Porsche and Formula Junior John Seaman  Achievement


Go here for the WCM press release with the full list of award-winning programs.

Candidate Forums

Posted on: April 5th, 2018 by Robert Ingraham

WSCS partnered with the Sheboygan Branch of American Association of University Women and the League of Women Voters-Sheboygan County to broadcast eight candidate forums, held at mead Public Library.  The forums features the candidates for five aldermanic districts in the City of Sheboygan, two county supervisor district races and the candidates for the three open seats on the Sheboygan Area School Board.

Sveral members of the station’s staff worked to record each of the events, quickly get the programs ready, and schedlue the replays to air ahead of the spring election on April 3.  Seven episodes were created and each was televised at least 10 times, nearly 84 hours of programming, during the week leading up to election day.  The forums were also posted online so citizens could watch at their convienence.

New Program Partnership

Posted on: August 2nd, 2017 by Robert Ingraham

It is becoming widely known that eating local, in-season produce is best for our health, but this notion can seem daunting and out of reach for most of us.  The City of Sheboygan and the Sheboygan County Interfaith Organization (SCIO) have partnered to produce a program through WSCS entitled, Market Fresh Meals to help bring this healthy practice into more Sheboyganite’s homes.  This program runs on WSCS, and can be viewed through Video on Demand at anytime. Five episodes will be produced this season, each bringing you a healthy, easy recipe that can be created with local produce and products found at the SCIO Farmer’s Markets. When you can’t grow your own food, the next best option is to buy from vendors you can trust, who grow in the area, and harvest their goods a matter of hours before they are sold.  You can find these vendors at the SCIO Farmers Markets happening twice a week in Sheboygan, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, June through October, and on Thursdays in Plymouth.  The Sheboygan markets are held at Fountain Park, and the Plymouth market is at the Fairfield Plaza.

Market Fresh Meals is more than a mere cooking show. Made possible thanks to a generous sponsorship from Aurora Health Care, these programs provide information on the health benefits of  local ingredients, and helpful health tips from Aurora’s own Wellness Coordinator, Michelle Urbanek.  Michelle is joined in the Relish Kitchen on 8th Street by Farmer’s Market Manager, Maria Liesegang and together they cook up healthy options with a dollop of good food information.  Some episodes of Market Fresh Meals include segments at the Sheboygan Farmer’s Market, highlighting helpful vendors, and the SCIO information tent with resources explained by SCIO’s own Executive Director, Heidi Gudmundson.

The City of Sheboygan recognizes the health of the population of Sheboygan as an important component to the success of our great city.  Access to healthy food is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to health, and healthy eating, but it is important to also hold an understanding of how to source, choose, prepare, consume, and store healthy food. We aren’t all natural chefs, but we all have bodies that can benefit from the nourishment that accompanies a lifestyle where eating fresh local food is paramount. Market Fresh Meals offers information and easy, approachable recipes and methods of preparation.

The first episode of Market Fresh Meals is available now and viewable on WSCS, via  under Video on Demand, or by visiting This first episode shows you how to prepare pan fried tilapia, couscous, and a spring green salad – topped off with local microgreens. Four more episodes will be accompanying this one, each highlighting new market items available as the season progresses, culminating with an episode featuring fall vegetables.

Market Fresh Meals wouldn’t have been possible without the formation of important partnerships. The City of Sheboygan Department of City Development partnered with SCIO to make the production of Market Fresh Meals a reality, and WSCS brought technical expertise, filming, and direction. Relish, located on North 8th Street has been a terrific partner, allowing Market Fresh Meals to be filmed in their newly completed demonstration kitchen.  And of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous sponsorship Aurora Health Care provided.

If you would like to find out more please tune in to Market Fresh Meals, and don’t forget to visit your local farmers markets.  These markets are an awesome asset to our community and will help each of us live our most healthy life.

By Nancy Maring, City of Sheboygan Neighborhood Development Planner


Welcome Robert

Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by Robert Ingraham

Robert Ingraham, WSCS Production Technitian

Robert Ingraham has joined the staff at WSCS as a part-time Production Technician.  He brings a wealth of media production knowledge and experience with him.  He began his new role in December and is fitting in very well.  “We are lucky to have Robert as a part of our team. His positive energy and insights are just 2 attributes that make working with his such a pleasure,” said Scott Mealiff, Program Director for WSCS.

Keary Kautzer Retires

Posted on: October 3rd, 2016 by Robert Ingraham

After 35 years of service with Community TV WSCS, City of Sheboygan Keary Kautzer is retiring October 4, 2016.  “It has been a great honor working with the Sheboygan area community to produce quality programming found only on WSCS.  I would like to thank the WSCS staff for their dedication and to you the viewers for your support.”


Keary Kautzer

Unpaid Forfeitures PSA

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016 by Robert Ingraham

Letters have gone out to citizens regarding unpaid forfeitures. Municipal Court Judge Natasha Torry  for the City of Sheboygan and the Village of Kohler explains the importance of unpaid forfeitures with a PSA now running on WSCS.

WSCS Receives Awards

Posted on: May 16th, 2016 by Robert Ingraham

At the recent Wisconsin Community Media Spring Conference and Best of the Mid-West Video Festival  held in Madison WSCS was presented with the following awards.

The program ” Native American Inspired Flutes” received the Best in Show Award -Amateur Division, Best program produced by Seniors. The show featured Jim Wilsing talking about and performing with his flutes. Wendy Schmitz Producer.  WSCS also received Merit Awards for D’Werdenfelser Schuhplattlers in the Entertainment Category and the program “Behind The Furnace “in the Documentary/Feature category.