Sheboygan’s Longest Running Show Has a New Host

Posted on: November 20th, 2018 by Robert Ingraham

Legislative Update has been part of Sheboygan’s community media programming for decades.  After more than 20 years as the host of the public affairs series, Jim Baumgart made the decision to turn the hosting duties over to Nanette Bulebosh.


(L-R) Nanette Bulebosh, Jenni Estrada, Chris Rahlf, and Liz Sumner in the WSCS studio to produce “Legislative Update”

Monday, November 18, 2018 Bulebosh recorded her first episode as the solo host.  She did co-host several episodes last season easing the transition for viewers, guests, and hosts.  Bulebosh is excited about the new role and the possibilities that it brings.  While the show will remain focused on public affairs, some changes are in store to bring a fresh look and feel.  She had this to say about Monday’s production,


Local television can be provocative, inspiring and illuminating when you are lucky enough to have outstanding guests.

Just listen to Chris – a Navy vet who makes her living as a strategic thinker, Jenni – an advocate for farm laborers, and Liz – who owns her own business – as they discuss what they learned on the campaign trail, and what they think about the future of progressive politics in Wisconsin. Listen to them discuss what conservatives get wrong about Democrats, and what it’s like to run for office with young children in tow.

This program is a work in progress, and so, alas, is my hair (Note to Nanette: Do something about that, okay?) but I’m proud of what we did today.

I’m grateful to these three impressive women, first for running, and second for sharing what it taught them.