Upgrade to Sports Coverage

Posted on: January 25th, 2018 by Robert Ingraham

Viewers of local sports on WSCS have long wished for the game clock to be included in the on-screen score graphics.  Thanks to recently acquired technology, that wish has been granted.

Game clock, score and other information is sent automatically update the graphics.

“Until now, when we would cover a game, we had someone manually changing the score in the graphics software” said Scott Mealiff, WSCS Program Director. “For fast faced sports like basketball we needed a person dedicated to changing the score.”  While this method kept viewers aware of the score during the game, there wasn’t a good way to show how much time was left.  The commentators would have to mention the time on the scoreboard as part of calling the game.

After a sucessful trial, the station decided to purchase a device call a ScoreBot.  “Interfacing a scoreboard with TV graphics is not a new concept. The national networks have been doing it for some time. The ScoreBot allows us to do it more cost effectivly than was previously possiable. One device now works with different scoreboard controllers and different sports at different venues. We’re excited to provide this enhancement to our viewrs.” Mealiff said.