Local Sports Double-Double

Posted on: December 14th, 2016 by Robert Ingraham

WSCS Sports StackedWSCS TV Sports Delivers Two Nights of Double Features

WSCS TV Sports is offering its viewers a Holiday gift of two nights of double features of sports programming by producer Mike Martin. All shows run about 30 minutes.

The first night’s double feature will have a basketball flavor. The Armory Show features former Sheboygan Press Sports Editors Dwight Pelkin and Pete Barth and retired basketball coaches John Schumann and Tom Desotell talking about the Armory and its history. The show has excellent footage of the Armory taken by WSCS cameraman Brian Andrews. Live game footage is also included.

Sheboygan North Basketball: The Tom Desotell Years is an award winning show that features Tom Desotell along with former players, coaches and support staff from both North and South high. The program takes the viewer through Desotell’s first year at North to the 2011 season. Also featured in the show is a segment on the 1986 state championship team.

The second night’s double feature is about two of Sheboygan’s best-known sports personalities Denny Moyer and Roy Pirrung.

Denny Moyer and the Sheboygan A’s was produced in 2013, the 50th year of the Sheboygan A’s. The show features Denny and Donna Moyer along with former players and club officers as they take the viewer from the earliest years to the present day Sheboygan A’s. Footage at the ballpark will the take the viewer to various parts of the park and includes live game footage.

I Run: The Roy Pirrung Story is about how Roy went from an overweight smoker to world class ultra-marathoner. Roy’s inspirational story includes comments by fellow runners and Roy himself. Roy’s extensive collection of photos also helps tell the story. The show also includes a segment of Roy talking about and showing some of the numerous awards he has won over the years.

Here is the schedule:

The Armory Show                                                 Tues. 12/27 @ 6:30 PM and Thurs. 12/29 @ 9:00 PM

North Basketball: The Tom Desotell Years           Tues. 12/27 @ 7:00 PM and Thurs. 12/29 @ 9:30 PM

Denny Moyer and the Sheboygan A’s                   Wed. 12/28 @ 2:00 PM and Fri. 12/30 @ 7:00PM

I Run: The Roy Pirrung Story                                Wed. 12/28 @ 2:30 PM and Fri. 12/30 @ 7:30 PM