Construction Tower Cranes

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by Robert Ingraham

Acuity Insurance Company’s Headquarters, located at 2800 S. Taylor Drive, has begun construction of a three-level, 641-stall parking structure on the southeast corner of their building adjacent to Taylor Drive. Mortenson Construction is the construction manager /general contractor for the project. Construction of this facility will require two SK415 tower cranes to be erected to build the structure. One crane will be 98 feet tall and the other will be 138 feet tall. The 98-foot tower crane will be located between the proposed structure and Taylor Drive. This crane will require the counter weight mechanism to swing over Taylor Drive when in operation. Also when the cranes are not in operation, the top portion will swing similar to a weather vane with the wind. This is normal for this type of equipment. Please note that at no time will any loads be swung directly over Taylor Drive. All construction activities with these cranes will remain inside the perimeter of the construction fence.
Motorists along Taylor Drive should be aware of these construction activities and not be alarmed. City of Sheboygan staff is working closely with Acuity and Mortenson on this project and are in agreement with these activities. The crane will be operational for at least the next six months.